Company director of one of the largest estate agents in the South West of England for over twenty years.

With over twenty years experience as a corporate trainer and innovator in business specialising in; motivation, sales and development of individualsÂ’ potential and personal growth, Angus understands the need to be a team player yet be self motivating and exhibit strong leadership qualities.

He is experienced in launching new initiatives in business areas including the project management and implementation of opening new ventures such as acquisitions, mergers, setting business plans and financial control. He has been responsible for the expansion of a company to new areas of business including moving into Financial Services - employing 30 consultants; recognising an opportunity to expand property sales based estate agency into Residential lettings - with centres throughout Devon and Cornwall UK.

With experience at company director level managing a company with 400 employees at 37 outlets and a particular responsibility for training and development in Agency and Financial Services. Angus has further experience in Compliance issues, Health and Safety and Stress management. He has first hand experience at heading teams to develop new areas of business within a corporate framework and the giving of business advise to sole proprietory firms.

Also experienced in voluntary sector counselling having been Director of Samaritans in Exeter with responsibility for the training of volunteers in befriending the suicidal.

Experienced in the area of creative negotiation and conflict resolution.