During the last 20 years Angus has been responsible for the training and development of hundreds of sales and management staff.

Angus's speciality is enabling others to perform to their maximum potential using NLP (neurolinguistic programming) coaching programmes. A particular area of expertise lies in Angus's presentation skills and enabling others to overcome their fear (phobia) of public speaking.

Angus also trains in Project Renaissance Creative Problem Solving Techniques pioneered by Dr Win Wenger Phd author of The Einstein Factor and the Genius Code. To discover more about these exciting and innovative methods visit www.winwenger.com

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Angus has spent  32 years in the property business - the last twenty of which he has been actively involved with    training both sales and management staff of a large corporate estate agency. He has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both the property market and the business of coaching/training and personal development. He has the very practical approach of providing excellent customer service whilst ensuring that company profits are maximized.

Inspiring people with passion in order that they fulfill their maximum potential is one of Angus's chief aims.

He has seen good markets and bad and knows that nothing lasts for ever - but that being ahead of the game is essential in any market. Being able to spot the changing tide in any business is paramount alongside keeping staff well motivated and focused on their own success.

He also has specialist knowledge of Residential Lettings and the Holiday Letting business. Angus was for some years a Regional Council Member for ARLA (The Association of Residential Letting Agents)

Angus was also responsible for setting up and running probably the largest property auction operation in the South of England. This was a Regional Property Auction House - holding 5 major Auctions per year often with over 100 lots per sale and a pilot auction house for the immensely successful and popular BBC Homes Under the Hammer series. The show which was created in 2000 is still running today. 


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